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Racing Towards Eco-Sustainable Development

Over resource consumption is the primary driver of pollution and increasing waste. That being said, recycling plastic bottles to PSF (Polyester Staple Fiber) can help to improve this state. This can be transformed into yarns, fillings, geotextiles, and many more. Every year, the demand for PSF keeps rising, with Bangladesh alone consuming 300,00 metric tonnes during 2015-16. That’s why Raw Tech Limited, a joint partnership of IM GLobal limited, took the first step towards eco-sustainable development.

Stirring the Rudder of Growth and Sustainability

Over a million plastic bottles are thrown yearly due to the fast-growing bottled beverage and water industry. These bottles end up stagnant in landfills or clogged in the city drains. At Raw Tec Limited, with national and international investors, we have taken the initiative to transform these valuable raw materials to PSF (Polyester Staple Fibre). Thus stirring the wheels of transition and sustainability.

Your Companion

We don’t just produce- with sustainable green production that uses alternate raw material sources, we innovate and work towards a sustainable future.

Produce Responsible Products

We sustainably innovate to become the leading producer of responsible fibers and take that extra step to ensure improved quality while reducing the environmental footprint

Sustainable Manufacturer

A future where we can repurpose and reevaluate eco-products to work together with companies that work to reduce waste and thus promote eco-friendliness.

Dawn Of a New Beginning: One Man’s Vision

Coming from a family of successful business leaders, Ridwan Tarshid Haque, theManaging Director of Raw Tech Limited, was committed to reflecting responsibility, innovation and profitability in his entrepreneurial journey. With rapid urbanization and increased pollution, the idea of recycling plastic wastes in the textile sectors intrigued his mind. With no prior experience, it was challenging to start something new.

Gaining significant experience, in 2018, Mr Ridwan bought eight bighas of land in Bhaluka, Mymensingh. With the help of his close friend, the dream eco manufacturing plant was set for a push of 50 crores investment. Catching the attention of a Hong Kong-based boutique institutional investment firm, IM Global Limited, Raw Tech Limited obtained a fresh influx of investment, making the whole cause a joint venture of Bangladesh and Hong Kong.


What Makes Us So Different?

We push forward in what’s next. As research suggests recycling plastic, the prime non-degradable waste driver is an excellent way to lessen trash, decrease pollution and carbon footprint. That is what we have challenged, the status quo. Raw Tech limited has tapped into this niche market of polyester staple fibers currently dominated by Chinese and Indian firms to change the tide.

  • Pounded with impeccabletech
  • Running eco-manufacturing plant
  • Sustainable route to greener future
  • Detailed customisation to demand
  • Experienced multifunctioning team
  • 24/7 engineering & technical support

Results That Flattered Our Clients

Transformation growth enticed our partners and created overwhelming values for our end consumers.

Stirring the Rudder Of the Future

With our eco-manufacturing plant, we are significantly reducing pollution and saving nature

SPT Produce

Recycled PET Bottle

Fossil Fuel Saved

Land Saved

7500 Metric Tonnes

7500 tonnes

28,500 Barrel/Year

55,000 Cubic Yard/Year